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Peeps into the Past – Beaujolais Evenings 2018 / 19

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Beaujolias Evening – Holy Trinity Centre – Haddington 2018
Mrs Cathy Gray enjoying her glass of Beaujolias.
President Gilles Charbonnier welcomes the audience to watch film – Les Visiteurs – 1993 [ a French Comedy ]
With many thanks to Haddington Twinning who made this evening a success. 2019

Also many thanks to the Film Club for their expertise in setting up the film.

Photos – Irene Higgenbotham.

Peeps into the Past – with a look at previous Haddington Twinning Christmas Cards.

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Unfortunately there are non for Sale 2020

Nungate Bridge .
Christmas Tree outside Corn Exchange Haddington.
St. Mary’s Parish Church.
Erica’s window.
St. Mary’s Church during the ” Beast from the East ”
Haddington Court Street & Christmas Tree
Morning sunrise over Knox Court – Haddington.
Haddington House.
St. Mary’s Church – Haddington.
When Christmas Tree was at Town Hall- Haddington.
Christmas Tree in West End Park – Haddington.
One dark and frosty evening at St. Mary’s Church.
Nungate Bridge – Haddington.
The Plough Tavern – Haddington.
Lady Kitty’s Do’cote – Haddington.
Knox Institute in Winter.

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham. 2020

In Memory of those who died in conflict.

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War Memorial at St. Mary’s Churchyard – Haddington.

Soldier made with wire & poppies.
Poppyfield near River Tyne – Haddington.
Provost John McMillan visiting the Earl Haig Poppy Factory – 2018?

Haddington Twinning AGM 2020 – Zoom meeting Wednesday 25th November @ 19:00.

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Chers amis
I hope that you are well in these strange and difficult times. The 2020 AGM of Haddington Twinning will take place on Wednesday 25 November at 19.00. Due to current Covid regulations it’s of course not possible  to hold our usual AGM social evening. We are therefore hosting the event via the communication app Zoom. 
If you would like to join us please reply to this email. A link to the meeting will then be shared with you. The Zoom app is easy to download.
If you are unable to join us at the meeting but remain interested in keeping up to date with Haddington Twinning activities, the papers and  minutes of the AGM will be available on our website and Facebook page.
We look forward to seeing you on Zoom. 
Amitiés Elaine Secretary Haddington Twinning 07818 751654??????? Vive le Zoomelage! 

Haddington on a beautiful Autumn morning – October 2020

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Crossroads on River Tyne
Sluice Gate – River Tyne.
Giffordgate – Haddington.
Lady Kitty’s Garden / French Garden.
Tanberg Goats at George Hotel/ Flats.
Erica’s Halloween window – High Street, Haddington.
The Loft Cafe – Peffer’s Place – Haddington.
Court Street, Haddington.
Tweeddale Monument – Court Street- Haddington.
Neilson Park – Haddington.
Neilson Park – Haddington.

Hope you enjoyed your virtual walk around Haddington.

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham 25th October 2020

Peeps into the Past – Ceilidh – Corn Exchange – Haddington 2013.

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Haddington Pipe Band.

Published by Irene Higgenbotham 18th October 2020

Peeps into the Past –

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Visitors from Aubigny visit Colstoun House – near Haddington – with wonderful hospitality given by the Broun-Lindsay family.

Colstoun House from rear.

Irene Higgenbotham 2020

Full copy of Minutes Zoom Meeting 16th September 2020 can be found in Agendas & Minutes section of Website.

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