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Peeps into the Past – Aubigny’s Robert Burn’s Lunch 26th January 2020

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Rabbie Burns is a very popular figure with our friends in Aubigny. Aubigny Twinning Committee organise an annual Burn’s Lunch, concert and dance – it starts at noon with an aperitif, then lunch , concert and dancing until 9.00pm ! The event is a very successful fundraiser each year. It also highlights the strong links between Scotland and France and the Twinning partnership between Aubigny and Haddington.

Last year’s event on Sunday 26th January was a resounding success with an amazing 240 guests – some who had made the journey down to Aubigny from Paris!

Provost John MacMillan and his wife Mary were invited as guests of the Mayor of Aubigny, Madame Renier. John gave a reflective rendition of the Immortal Memory and in true Burns tradition Haggis, neeps and tatties were on the Menu with a fair few whiskies being supped. A great time was had by all!

Due to the pandemic the event is unable to take place this year. However, Haddington Twinning are organising a Burns Celebration this month via Zoom. They will be joined by Aubigny Twinning Committee and special guests.

More information on this Zoom online event to follow soon……….

Photos with kind permission John MacMillan.

Auld Lang Syne – Song & Poem by Robert Burns.

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Auld Lang Syne is a song which thrilled the soul of Robert Burns in the 1780’s , and today has become an anthem sung the world over at New Year.

In 1788 Robert Burns sent the poem to the Scots Musical Museum, indicating it was an old song but that he had been the first to record it on paper. The phrase ” Auld Lang Syne ” roughly translates as ” for old times’ sake , and the song is all about preserving old friendships and looking back over the events of the year.

It is sung all over the world, evoking a sense of belonging and fellowship , tinged with nostalgia.

It has been a much loved Scottish tradition to sing the song just before midnight, with everyone holding hands in a circle. Most Scots know the first verse and chorus.

Should auld aquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should Auld aquaintance be forgot, and Auld Lang Syne.

Chorus. For Auld Lang Syne my jo, for auld lang syne, we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.


And here’s a hand my trusty friend ! and give us a hand of yours! and we’ll take a deep draught of good-will for long long ago.

For Twinning Organisations the world over – Lang mie yir lum reek ! And hoping for Health and Happiness for 2021

Haddington Toen Hall 2002.

Haddington Festive Lights – 2020

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Court Street – Haddington.

Court Street – Haddington.
Place D’Aubigny – Court Street. Haddington.
The Victoria Inn / The Avenue – Court Street – Haddington.
The Pet Shop – Court Street – Haddington.
High Street – Haddington.
Town Hall – Haddington.
St. Columba’s Hospice Charity Shop – High Street. Haddington.
Falko’s Coffee Shop – High Street, Haddington.
St. Mary’s Parish Church [ Door ] Haddington.
St. Mary’s R.C. Church crib.
The Green – Court Street. Haddington.
An early visit from Santa – The Green – Court Street. Haddington.

With Health & Happiness for 2021 – whatever it brings.

Photos – Irene Higgenbotham.

Haddington Goat Trail.

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Meet the Goats.

Made in East Lothian is excited to present this project with funding from Area Partnership. We sought proposals to decorate 12 fibreglass goats and are thrilled with this glorious collection designed by local artists, families and groups.

The Goats will be auctioned off to help support a further community- based project. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your Goat Trail around Haddington.

Our own Haddington Twinning committee member- Valerie Pellatt designed Goat in middle row, second from left. She has written a story which accompanies the Goat, ” No name Goat finds a Home ” , which we will have in the Arts Hub soon.

Photographs printed with permission. 11th December 2020

Goat on display in John Gray Centre – Haddington.


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Haddington Twinning Annual General Meeting 2020 Haddington Twinning held its 2020 AGM on Wednesday 25 November via Zoom. Those attending were delighted to welcome Isabelle Vivet, President of Aubigny Twinning Association (ATC), Martine Destenave, Secretary ATC and Pierre Drouhain a long standing member of ATC. Following the business meeting, Isabelle and Martine gave an interesting update on the Twinning activities in Aubigny in view of the current pandemic. Similar to Haddington, the planned events have all been cancelled into the early part of next year. Our proposal to have a Zoom Rabbie Burns evening with our French friends was met with great enthusiasm. In addition to its monthly meetings on Zoom, Haddington Twinning are planning a virtual French conversation café and a Quiz Night. If you are interested in joining our Zoom events please contact: le Zoomelage ! 

To read full minutes of this meeting – see under heading in Menu – Minutes & Agendas.

Happy St. Andrews Day to friends near and far.

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Celebrating on a visit with our friends from Aubigny sur nere.
Raising of the Saltire at Athelstaneford – East Lothian.

So why is he the patron saint of Scotland?

There is no clear tale that answers this question.

One story says that in the 9th Century, King Angus in Scotland was preparing for a battle against the English.

St Andrew appeared to King Angus in a dream promising him victory and on the day of the battle, an X symbol appeared in the sky, which was the symbol of St Andrew.

He vowed that if they won, St Andrew would be made the patron saint of Scotland – and that is exactly what happened.

This is why the Scottish flag has the X-shaped cross on it, as it is St Andrew’s symbol.

Scottish flag on a gift shop

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham.

Peeps into the Past – Beaujolais Evenings 2018 / 19

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Beaujolias Evening – Holy Trinity Centre – Haddington 2018
Mrs Cathy Gray enjoying her glass of Beaujolias.
President Gilles Charbonnier welcomes the audience to watch film – Les Visiteurs – 1993 [ a French Comedy ]
With many thanks to Haddington Twinning who made this evening a success. 2019

Also many thanks to the Film Club for their expertise in setting up the film.

Photos – Irene Higgenbotham.

Peeps into the Past – with a look at previous Haddington Twinning Christmas Cards.

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Unfortunately there are non for Sale 2020

Nungate Bridge .
Christmas Tree outside Corn Exchange Haddington.
St. Mary’s Parish Church.
Erica’s window.
St. Mary’s Church during the ” Beast from the East ”
Haddington Court Street & Christmas Tree
Morning sunrise over Knox Court – Haddington.
Haddington House.
St. Mary’s Church – Haddington.
When Christmas Tree was at Town Hall- Haddington.
Christmas Tree in West End Park – Haddington.
One dark and frosty evening at St. Mary’s Church.
Nungate Bridge – Haddington.
The Plough Tavern – Haddington.
Lady Kitty’s Do’cote – Haddington.
Knox Institute in Winter.

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham. 2020

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