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Merry Christmas to friends near and far – from Haddington Twinning.

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Photo – Irene Higgenbotham

Aubigny Twinning visit Saltire Centre in Athelstaneford – August 2019

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Photos courtesy – Christian Couture. August 2019

History of Saltire in Athelstaneford.

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Athelstaneford is where the original Scottish saltire – the white diagonal cross on a blue sky background was first adopted…. tradition relates that in AD 832 the king of the Picts, Aengus MacFergus, with support of Scots from Dalriada, won a great battle against King Athelstane of the Northumbrians. The site of the legendary battle became known as Athelstaneford in present day East Lothian.

It is said that before the battle , King Aengus dreamt of St. Andrew bearing his saltire cross . According to the legend, during the battle Aengus saw a cross of white clouds against a blue sky.

The Picts and Scots won the battle. The Saltire – a white diagonal cross on blue background became the flag of Scotland and St. Andrew was adopted as Scotland’s patron saint.

St. Andrews Kirk in Athelstanford.

The Scottish Flag Heritage Centre in Athelstaneford, near Haddington in East Lothian, tell the story of King Aengus and the Battle.


Haddington in flood once again – 28th Nov. 2019

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The sun has been out today, but unfortunately there is more rain forecast for Friday !

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham.

Haddington Twinning hosts Beaujolais Nouveau- Film Night in Trinity Centre.

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Saucisson and cheese were on the menu when Haddington Twinning celebrated the Beaujolais Nouveau wine whilst watching the French film ” Les Visiteurs ” 1993 – a fun French Comedy which played to a packed and appreciative audience.

With grateful thanks to the Film Club for their assistance.

Photo- left to right – Gilles Charbonnier, President – Committee Elaine Wilson , Andrew Wilson , Gwen Andrew, Margaret Ramsay & Irene Higgenbotham.

We will Remember them !

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In Haddington.

Entrance to St. Mary’s Kirk.

Haddington Twinning A.G.M.

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will be held in Haddington Town House – Tuesday – 29th October 2019 – at 7:30pm, with tea, coffee and homemade cake served.


Also a SALE of 50% off all Christmas Cards………….

We did it – GOLD MEDAL and winner of best Town in Britain.

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Haddington Twinning sends Congratulations to Blooming Haddington for all their hard work during the year – WELL DONE!

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