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Thistles – Bees – Butterflies &; Swallows.

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With thanks to Susan Farmer for beautiful photo [ Haddington ]
Clerkington Estate – Haddington.
Wild thistles……….

6th July 2020 – Irene Higgenbotham – photos.

Peeps into the Past – Week 2

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The dates of all photos are unknown, so its a guessing game.

Far right Mrs Jimmy Dey and her son Stephen Dey.
Fetes Franco Eccossaises – Chateau des Stuarts – Aubigny -sur-nere.

Provost Richardson & Mr. Frank Elliot from Haddington Twinning.

Haddington Pipe Band.
Some weil kent faces – Beautiful hats
Les Pompiers on parade [ firemen ]
Scottish flag with Twinners outside Office de Tourisme Aubigny……….
La premiere du film Rebelle. [ in English- Brave ]

Peter MacNamee leading pipe band in Fetes Franco Ecossaise in Aubigny 14th July.

Haddington Twinning Peeps into the Past !

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1984 – Renewing of the Twinning Charter – and visit to Preston Mill- East Linton

Going forward to Twinning vists 1984 – 1987

Aubigny -sur-Nere. 1987
Mrs Effie Bowman & Ian Glass coach driver Gordon Briggs.
F.F.E. Parade 1987 – Main Street – Aubigny.
Aubigny 1987
Representing Scotland in Parade 1987.
Country Dancers from Haddington 1987

Please look in again next week for more Peeps into the Past………. Irene Higgenbotham. 27th June 2020

Clydesdale Horses – At the dawn of the 20th Century, 2.6 million heavy horse were working in UK. but now, less than 10,000 remain.

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The Clydesdale horse was a wonderful sight working in and around East Lothian up until the 1950/60s, they were used in agriculture and logging as well as driving.

At Amisfield Mains farm – Haddington. 1930’s

The Clydesdale was originally bred for heavy farm and industrial work, although its open hooves were better suited to city work than narrow arable furrows. It is noted for its high stepping, showy action, which makes it one of the most elegant heavy horses.

The “showing ” of Clydesdale horses was an annual event in the farm calendar.

The Clydesdale stands on average 16.2hh, although some animals are taller. It has a long straight nose, big ears and a well-arched long neck. Its well defined withers and short back makes it a powerful workhorse. Quarters should be long, thighs strong, hocks broad and clean. The legs should be well endowed with fin silky feather. The colour is bay, brown or black with much white on the face and legs, often running into the body to give a roan appearance. Chestnuts are rarely seen.

Photo taken in Clerkington Estate – Haddington – 15th June 2020

Clydesdale History. The Clydesdale breed was founded in the early 1800’s when 2 breeders, John Paterson of Lochlyoch and the 6th Duke of Hamilton, imported Flemish stallions and bred them with native draught mares in the Clyde Valley.

Photo- At Myles Farm – East Lothian 1950’s

At its peak, Scotland had around 140,000 farm horses plus an unknown number in towns and cities., most of which were Clydesdales …….. The breed was also exported to many countries. As with other draught breeds, numbers dwindled with the increased use of mechanical power.

Now we can only romanticise over these past times by admiring these beautiful and exquisite animals, ……. we are lucky in Haddington to see a few still on our door-step.

Photos – Irene Higgenbotham .

Wild Flowers in and around Haddington. 15th June 2020.

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Bumble Bee with poppy & “dead man’s hand ”
Dead Man’s hand.
Poppyfield [ all grown from one poppy seed ]
On riverbank
lovely forget-me-nots.
Dog rose
Pathway into Haddington.
Swan family, with 6 cygnets in garden at Giffordgate .
dog rose and rapeseed ready for harvesting.
Pathway poppies
Poppies and rapeseed ready for harvesting.
Bindweed – see Haddington in distance. White building new hospital.
Home to Haddington .
In Knox Court garden.
Knox Institute – now Knox Court- Haddington.

Photographs taken on 15th June 2020 – Irene Higgenbotham.

Mr Brian Young – Haddington Twinning.

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It is with sadness I am writing to inform you that Mr Brian Young, a member and supporter of Haddington Twinning Association has passed away. Brian and his wife Alison [ pictured above on a visit to Aubigny 2015 ] have taken part in many Twinning activities over the years including several visits to Aubigny and hosting friends from Aubigny during visits to Haddington .

We send our condolences to Alison and her family.

Photo – Irene Higgenbotham – Aubigny 2015

Early Morning Walk – Sunday 31st May 2020

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St. Mary’s Parish Church
Lady Kitty’s Garden
Nungate Bridge
Lady Kitty’s garden
Lopsided Do’Cot – Lady Kitty’s Garden
Alleyway into Pleasance.
Waterside Bistro
St. Mary’s Parish Church from under Nungate Bridge.
Pathway to Victoria Bridge.
Victoria Bridge
Auld Alliance Irises in Hardgate
Auld Alliance Irises [ 2nd year ]
Haddington Town Clock
Court Street.
Court Street.
West Church – Haddington .
Home – Knox Court Garden.
Knox Court Irises.
Photograph from Friday’s walk – Swan Family on River Tyne.

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham – May 2020.

Last of the photos of Visit French Visitors from Aubigny. August 2019

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Haste ye back !

Gilles Charbonnier introduces Jacques Baranger in his own inimitable way entertains his audience with great fun and laughter. Bravo Jacques !

Haste ye back – Jacques !!!

Madame Isabel Vivet , President Jumelage Aubigny says a few words of thanks.

Presentation of Gifts – Isabel Vivet & Martine Destenave

Madame Martine Mallet & Provost John MacMillan exchange a few words of thanks.

Presentation of Gifts – Provost John MacMillan – Madame Martine Mallet – Mr. Gordon Boyd – and gentleman ?

Madame Martine Mallet & Provost John MacMillan saying final words.

Auld Lang Syne. !!!!!

Farewell Scotland.

All photographs with thanks Christian Couture. [ Aubigny ] 2019

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