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A Lothian Players Presentation by Douglas Currie. Haddington Festival June 4,5,6. 1987

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Douglas Currie……

The Author of this play was born in Haddington. From the age of seven he has been “entertaining” . From early days singing to boy scouts and to singing on top of a bofors gun on a troop ship to India he has covered a lot of ground. During the war in the East he joined E.N.S.A. playing in troop concerts in India, Egypt, South Africa, Assam and in England.

After the war he became a professional actor with Repertory companies in England and in Scotland. He joined now reowned company of Glasgow Unity Theatre with Roddy McMillan, Russell Hunter and Marjorie Thomson. Douglas played an Indian pedlar in the Gorbals Story for over 600 performances. This play took him to London’s West End Garrick Theatre, London.

Tonight’s play is his third foray into the realm of playwriting. ” Light of my Life” his first play was based on the life of Jane Welsh and Thomas Carlyle. ” The Wit to Woo”, a comedy, won a drama award in Scotland. Douglas is now retired and lives in Haddington with his wife, two dogs and a cat. He is still entertaining and writing and playing for the Lothian players.

Excerpt from France to Fotheringay programme June 1987.

Both Douglas and his wife are now deceased.

Irene Higgenbotham 18th September 2021

MEMORIES – Yesteryear in and around Haddington.

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Market Cross – High Street- Haddington.
High Street – looking West – Haddington.
County Cinema [ now demolished ] Hardgate – Haddington.
Brown Street – leading onto High Street from Market Street – Haddington.
Amisfield Stables – Haddington.
Bothwell Castle – Hardgate – [ now demolished ]
Nungate Bridge – Haddington.
Bus trip from Hope Park – Haddington. [ I am little girl with white shoes -1950 ]
Court Street – Haddington.
Haddington Fire Brigade – date unknown.
High Street – Haddington.
High Street – Haddington [ looking East ]
Knox Institute School – [ now into flats ]
Market Street – Haddington.
Market Street – Haddington.
St. Mary’s Kirk before restoration
Street party to celebrate Charles & Diana’s wedding 1981 { i’m standing back row – middle ]
Workmen cleaning out River Tyne 1898

Visit to Rosslyn Chapel with Marine Baron….. student from Aubigny.

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Marine Baron.
Rosslyn Chapel – was founded in 1446 by Sir William St. Clair. The beauty of its setting, in rural Midlothian, and the mysterious symbolism of its ornate stonework have inspired, attracted and intrigued writers, artists and visitors ever since.
The Green Man
The Apprentice Pillar ,as its known today , is probably the most famous and unique feature at Rosslynn Chapel. It is a column of stone , ornately decorated with vines, and at the bottom are eight dragons encircled around the base.
Marine outside Rosslynn Chapel

1st August 2021.

Memorable Moments from 14th July – Fetes Franco Ecossaises – Aubigny-sur-Nere – 1987-2019

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Lavender Garden at Lady Kitty’s this morning – 10th July 2021

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Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham.

In 2015 – Haddington Twinning celebrated 50 years of Twinning in Haddington, and celebrated with 2 visits this year, in Aubigny and Haddington. Here are some of memorable photos of this occasion.

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Aubigny in hottest day of our stay….
Hankerchiefs by Irene Higgenbotham
Haddington Pipe Band.
Presentation of Keys
Bookmarks to mark the occasion.
Girl drummers – Haddington Pipe Band.
Scottish Saltire Aubigny.
Haddington Pipe Band Banner
Feeling the heat
Madame L. Renier.
Irene & Marie Therese

Photos by Irene Higgenbotham & Christian Couture. 2015

Embroidery & Calligraphy – Irene Higgenbotham

Memories of Comice Agricole – Aubigny – 2008 [Agricultural Show ]

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Photographs from Haddington Twinning Archives.

Old Memorable Moments of Haddington Twinning.

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1984 – Renewing the F. Charter at outing to Preston Mill – East Linton.
La Verrerie – 1987 ?
Gillis Family and Dey Family from Haddington.
French visit to Haddington 2008
Aubigny 1987 -91
Scottish Country Dancers from Haddington 1987 -91
Band of Tank Regiment – Aubigny [ FFE ] 1987
Haddington Festival Parade 1992
Haddington Festival Parade 1992
French visit to Haddington 2011
Council representatives in FFE parade Aubigny
One of many cakes baked for the occasion.
Celebrations for 50th Anniversary ….
Place d’Aubigny 50th Anniversary ….. with Presidents past and present.
At Place d’Aubigny for unveiling of place name.

Hope you enjoyed looking back !

Irene H.- 6th June 2021

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