1984 – Renewing the F. Charter at outing to Preston Mill – East Linton.
La Verrerie – 1987 ?
Gillis Family and Dey Family from Haddington.
French visit to Haddington 2008
Aubigny 1987 -91
Scottish Country Dancers from Haddington 1987 -91
Band of Tank Regiment – Aubigny [ FFE ] 1987
Haddington Festival Parade 1992
Haddington Festival Parade 1992
French visit to Haddington 2011
Council representatives in FFE parade Aubigny
One of many cakes baked for the occasion.
Celebrations for 50th Anniversary ….
Place d’Aubigny 50th Anniversary ….. with Presidents past and present.
At Place d’Aubigny for unveiling of place name.

Hope you enjoyed looking back !

Irene H.- 6th June 2021