A charter granted by Robert the Bruce to the Scottish town of Haddington in 1318 is the inspiration behind the year of Celebrations planned for 2018, the 700th Anniversary of the granting of the royal charter.

The 1318 Charter is the oldest document cared for by East Lothian Archives and at the time it was granted, the town already had been a Burgh for 200 years. . An older Charter granted by King David 1 had been lost , and so the Bruce Charter reconfirmed Haddington’s right to hold a market and collect customs.

The Royal Charter.

Haddington Twinning celebrated this occasion by planting of the ” Auld Alliance Irises” sent especially from Aubigny – Haddington’s twin town, and a special visitors from Aubigny & the French Console were present at the planting.

Haddington Twinning – Provost – Mayor of Aubigny – Blooming Haddington – French Console & Special guests.
The “Planting ”
Provost MacMillan & Madame Laurence Renier Mayoress of Aubigny.
Auld Alliance Irises being shown by Blooming Haddington.
Mayoress Laurence Renier accompanied by Haddington Twinning Secretary Mrs Elaine Mitchell
French Console doing a bit of planting.
A few weil kent faces !
Auld Alliance Iris.
Medieval Parade
dressed for the Occasion.
Or just relaxing ?
Winner of Pentanque Competition presentation by Monsieur Jean-Charles from Aubigny.

Later the Irises bloomed in Lady Kitty’s Garden and corner of Market Street / Hardgate.

Photographs by Irene Higgenbotham