A group from Haddington Twinning visited Aubigny for 30th Anniversary FFE….. it was a memorable occasion with lots of activities and the meeting with old and making new friends. Below is a selection of photos from 11th – 14th July…

11th July 2019

Desserted main street on 11th July.

Raising of Scottish Flag [ Saltire ]

Chateau des Stuarts [ which has been restored to former glory ]

Some weil kent faces.

And Dinner of course ! Les grand jardins.
Our dear friends Christian Couture & Heike and Karl.

More delicious lunch….. chez the Drouhins.

Le Spectacle 13th July…….

Photos courtesy Hekie- Begemann-Droge

Parade 14th July – Bastille Day.

An absolutely wonderful experience for all – thank you the people of Aubigny for making us so welcome.

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham & Heike Begemann – Droge. July 2019