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With Wimbledon only a few days away – a small insight to Tennis in Haddington.

General Posted on Fri, June 29, 2018 14:12:17

When I was a little girl in Haddington, I joined the Tennis Club on Glebe Terrace, but it was known as Florabank tennis court. The Subscription for a child was £2:00 per annum…..I remember having to do chores to earn this amount.

Below is photo of Morag Wallace on these courts…….. which eventually made way for the new houses at Herdmanflatt.

Below is photo of tennis courts in Neilson Park after WW2…….
See Pavillon in background, with the “Parkie’s ” house on left of photo.

This photo is opening of new tennis courts in 1955 with Provost R.J. Fortune doing the needful, with Willie Hands on the right.

Bringing you right up-to-date – here are a few members of todays Haddington Tennis Club….. a well used and thiving club.

Anyone for a game ?

With thanks to Irene Clark [ for above two photographs ] …….

Irene Higgenbotham June 2018

Anyone for Tennis? Tennis in Haddington.

General Posted on Fri, June 29, 2018 13:07:00

West Mills, Haddington – which sported a large tennis court for its employees.

Sorry for quality of photograph………Tennis Courts – West Mills.

Some tennis players – two men are Alex Cook & James Denholm- Lady in middle Janet Bathgate.

James Denholm and Wee Willie Smith [ as opposed to ” Darkie ” and ” Cropper ” Smith ] gave a lot of tuition to the new generations of players on the tennis court and were enthusiastic organisers of tournaments and matches which were played for medals.

The tennis court was complemented by another pretty garden at the east end of West Mill [ the Japanese Garden ] on either side of the lade, joined by a bridge known as the Fairy Bridge. It was a real pleasure to all the community to walk around the river and have a seat in these very pleasant surroundings.

Memory from – Weaving the Story.

Irene Higgenbotham – 29th June 2018.