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Robert Burn’s bother Gilberts’ association with Haddington.

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Gilbert Burns was born in 1760, younger brother of Robert Burns . Robert was their oldest child and as there were only twenty months between the brothers they probably remained close friends all their lives. The brothers were schooled together from a young age, went on to work together as tenant farmers, and Gilbert helped Robert with his book sales. Robert died in 1796 and in 1800 Gilbert moved from Ayrshire, with his large family, to Morham, near Haddington in East Lothian. He worked as the estate manager to Captain John Dunlop. Presumably the position was given to Gilbert because Robert was an acquaintance of the captain’s mother, Frances Dunlop of Dunlop in Ayrshire. In 1804 Gilbert was then appointed as factor to the Lennoxlove Estate in Haddington by Lord Blantyre. His annual salary was £140. He moved into a two storey thatched house at Grant’s Brae on the Haddington to Bolton road with his wife Jean Breckenridge, with whom he had eleven children. It was a busy house as his widowed mother and sister Annabella also lived there! Their house is no longer there, a monument now stands in its place.
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Gilbert Burns was a well-known figure around Haddington and in 1808 he became an elder of St Mary’s Church in Haddington. He died on 8th April 1827 aged 67 and is buried in Bolton churchyard, East Lothian. He erected a tombstone in this graveyard to the memory of some of his children, his mother and his sister. His son Gilbert left money in his will that was to be used to enclose and maintain his father’s burial place.

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham – 5th June 2018.

Robert Burn’s mother’s well – Haddington.

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Robert Burns’ Mother’s Well

On the roadside between Haddington and Bolton, around a mile from the Bolton, lies a well dedicated to Agnes Broun (1732 – 1820), mother of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns (1759-96). Burns’ mother had come to live with her son Gilbert (1760 – 1827) after he took the job of a farm-worker on the Lennoxlove Estate. It was at this spring that Agnes had taken water for the family. The dedication states:

“Drink of the pure crystals and not only be ye succoured but also refreshed in the mind. Agnes Broun, 1732 – 1820. To the mortal and immortal memory and in noble tribute to her, who not only gave a son to Scotland but to the whole world and whose own doctrines he preached to humanity that we might learn.”

The well was restored in 1932 by William Baxter. The Burns’ former home at Grant’s Braes is marked by a road-side monument, some 90m (100 yards) southwest of the well.

Photographs – Irene Higgenbotham – 5th June 2018.