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Auld Alliance Cup. {Petanque}

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Join us on 21/05 for the first Auld Alliance Cup. Members of Haddington, Musselburgh and Dunbar Twinning Associations are invited to play Pentanque on the 21/05 from 11:00am in Lady Kitty’s Garden, Haddington. We have booked the sunshine for the day!!!

No need to have Boules, we can provide them, just come for the fun and the Trophy.

Please contact If you would like to attend.

Lady Kitty’s Garden – 2014.

Some Memorable Moments from Haddington’s visit to Aubigny 2015 our 50th Anniversary Year.

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Aubigny 2015
Aubigny 2015
Chez Coutures 2015
Haddington Pipe Band
FFE Parade 2015
Some Haddingtonians 2015
Haddington Pipe Band
FFE Parade Aubigny 2015
Pierre D. & Grandson
Highlanders 2015
Beautiful costume Marie-Therese.
Aubigny 2015
Haddington Pipe Band 2015
open air Ceilidh – Aubigny 2015
Chateau – Group from Haddington.
Chez Coutures
Celebrations 2015
Farewell Buffet – Aubigny – 2015
Chateau – Group from Haddington.
FFE Aubigny 2015
Date unknown
open air Ceilidh Aubigny 2015
Celebration 50 Years
Farewell Aubigny. 2015

Photographs Irene Higgenbotham

Happy Easter – to all our friends near & far. Some memorable moments from past times with Twinning.

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Hope you all have a Peaceful Easter. – Irene Higgenbotham

Gregor McMillan from Haddington and Savinien Gauchet from Aubigny meet up in Cambridge.

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Gregor McMillan from Haddington and Savinien Gauchet from Aubigny recently arranged to meet up in Cambridge . The two young students first met in Haddington in 2015 when Savinien was doing a three week work placement in East Lothian Council’s Transportation Department as part of the student exchange programme sponsored by Haddington Twinning.

Gregor had previously undertaken a work placement in Aubigny in 2011 after winning the Alice Burnett Scholarship at Knox Academy that year, also sponsored by Haddington Twinning.

During Savinien’s stay he appropriately helped East Lothian Council employees with the installation of the Place D’ Aubigny sign in the centre of Haddington.

Looks like ” Les deux jeunes hommes” are both doing really well.

Pamela Charmaine Biglen- Roberts 21st Jan – 14th Mar 2022

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Pamela Roberts sadly passed away in March. In the 80’s, Pamela was a Twinning Committee member for many years.

She enjoyed visiting Aubigny and helped with events and groups who visited Haddington.

Pamela worked with the Lamp of Lothian and was instrumental in improving St. Mary’s Pleasance garden.

Mrs Beth Elliott.

Fetes Franco Ecossaises – 2022 – Aubigny -sur-Nere.

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Mary, Queen of Scots at the Great Tapestry of Scotland.

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Mary was the only surviving legitimate child of James V of Scotland, Mary was 6 days old when her father died and she acceeded to the throne.

In 1548 , she was betrothed to Francis, the Dauphin of France, and was brought up in France where she would be safe from invading English forces during the Rough Wooing.

Mary married Francis in 1558, becoming Queen consort of France from his accession in 1559 until his death in December 1560. Widowed, Mary returned to Scotland in August 1561.

Mary married her half cousin, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley in 1566, they had a son James. In February 1567, Darnley’s residence was destroyed by an explosion , and he was found murdered in the garden.

James Hepburn , 4th Earl of Bothwell, was generally believed to have planned Darnley’s death , but he was acquitted of the charge in April 1567, and the following month, he married Mary. Following an uprising against the couple , Mary was imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle.

On 24th July 1567, she was forced to abdicate in favour of her 1 year old son. After an unsuccessful attempt to regain the throne, she fled southward seeking the protection of her 1st cousin Elizabeth 1 of England.

Perceiving Mary as a threat , Elizabeth had her confined in various castles and manor houses in England. After 18 and half years Mary was found guilty of plotting to assasinate Elizabeth in 1586 and was beheaded the following year at Fotheringhay Castle.

Mary’s life as a divisive and highly romanticised historical character has been depicted in culture for centuries.

Ladies working on the Tapestery.

Photographs kindly donated by Ms Catherine Vost – from Marie Stuart Society – Scotland.

Great Tapestry of Scotland –

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It was the world re-nowned author Alexander McCall Smith who had the idea for the Great Tapestry of Scotland . Inspired by a visit to the Prestonpans Tapestry, he set to work gathering a team to bring his vision to life.

First he recruited Andrew Crummy, the artist behind the Prestonpans Tapestry, who had vast experience with large-scale community art projects. He knew how to achieve the delicate balance between creating an immense artwork with a unified style and giving freedom to individual stitchers to make their own contributions.

Next Alexander asked historian Alistair Moffat to decide which episodes from Scottish History should be included in the Tapestry.

While he would of course include certain key events and important people [ like the Battle of Bannockburn or Sir Walter Scott ] it was also important that the Tapestry told everyday stories of Scotland’s people. Alistair suggested including panels reflecting ordinary lives, such as millworkers and herring girls. Now in its permanent home, The Great Tapestry of Scotland reveals Scottish history and culture experienced as well as shaped, by its people.

The main gallery exhibits 160 panels depicting time from the prehistoric and creation of our distinct landscape to the re-opening of the Scottish Parliament.

The Stitchers are at the very heart of the Tapestry’s Story , coordinator Dorie Wilke was the third member of the core team. She took on the enormous job of recruiting and organising 1 thousand stitchers – making the tapestry one of the world’s largest community projects. She also oversaw the process of carefully tracing Andrew Crummy’s designs onto linen, sourcing yarn and preparing stitching packs to post out to stitchers all across the country [ Scotland ]

For many it also became a personal journey, strangers are now friends for life, people reconnected with friends not seen for decades. Panels were transferred between stitchers through snowstorms and over rough seas….Some stitchers even met with and became friends with the living ancestors of individuals whose Stories are told in the 160 panels.

The Marie Stuart Society [ of which I’m a Member ] and my husband

had great pleasure in viewing this wonderful spectacle on 21st February, I now only wish I’d taken more photos on this visit.

Panel depicting Marie Stuart [ Mary Queen of Scots ]

Entertainers Past & Present

Not forgetting Scotland’s National Football team.

And Rugby Team.

Scottish Pop Icons.

There are hundreds of stories behind the creation of this Tapestry – many of which you will discover at the compelling new national visitor attraction in Galashiels heartland of the Scottish Borders.

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